Wise Owls Nursery School, Farnham Royal

Wise Owls provides first class nursery school care for 2 to 5 year olds

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Parent comments

My childs vocabulary has improved dramatically within just the first few weeks of term

My daughter is so excited to come to Nursery School she is up and dressed in seconds

My son does not want to come home at lunch time as he has so much fun at the school

I am so pleased with the changes made the school is operating very smoothly the staff are amazing and very supportive to parents.

Abbie is fantastic she is so caring and you can tell she really knows each child.

The staff are very friendly

My childs development has improved considerably with Wise Owls Nursery School

OFSTED comments

Childrens development is monitored well through effective assessments

Children progress well in their learning and development and receive good support from staff

Children demonstrate that they feel safe and secure

Children enjoy being creative and playing imaginatively