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Wise Owls provides first class nursery school care for 2 to 5 year olds

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Telephone: 01628 620013 Email: info@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk www.wiseowlschildcare.co.uk
For the purposes of this document Wise Owls Nursery School shall hereinafter be called ‘The School’ and those wishing to use the services of Wise Owl’s Nursery-School, shall hereinafter be called ‘The Client’.

The School will only undertake business on these following Terms and Conditions, each of which shall be incorporated or implied in any agreements between The School and The Client. No variations of these Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless expressly confirmed by The School in writing and signed by the Director of The School. The Client is bound by these Terms and Conditions once it commences using the services of The School.  The School reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions and the latest version is available on The School’s Website. The Client shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions once having completed the online registration.

1. The School acts as a registered childcare facility for children between the hours of 08.00 and 18.00, from Monday to Friday, during The School’s term time. (Dates are available on The School’s website).
2. The Client pays an admin fee and deposit for each child upon Registration. School fees are paid in full for one term at a time. The School must receive payment before the first week of term and requires The Client to send payment via BACS with the child’s full name as a reference. If paying by voucher and BACS The Client should email The School’s Accounts Department (accounts@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk) to confirm the split between the two payment methods and times when the vouchers will be credited. If The Client pays by cheque, the child’s name should be shown clearly on the reverse of the cheque.  The amount paid must match the amount on the invoice unless otherwise discussed with the office and agreed in writing. There is a £2 charge for payment by cheque.

3. The School accepts payment via all childcare vouchers and Tax free childcare scheme. With this method, if payment is not made before the first week of the term, The School must receive an email advising when the payment is expected and from which voucher company. The preferred method of payment is via BACs; The Client must enter the transaction reference as the child’s full name.  The School accepts payment via cheque and if (by written agreement only) this is made in more than one instalment, The Client should include the second as a post-dated cheque, including the 60p charge for this arrangement (made payable to “Wise Owls”.

4. If fees are not paid on time (before the first week of term), a £5.00 charge per week will be added to the next invoice. If The Client has difficulty paying on time The Client must contact The School. Failure to do this could result into a ‘money claim online’ in order to retrieve the payment due and/or the child not being accepted at The School, and no prior notice will be given.

5. When The Client makes a booking for The School, the child must attend at least 2 days every week.  The Client must give The School one (1) terms notice in writing of the child either being withdrawn from The School completely or to cancel a booked session which will be acknowledged by The School. If The Client fails to receive such acknowledgement, The Client must contact the office.  If sent by e-mail, the address is info@wiseowlschildcare,co.uk. Without this procedure being followed, The Client will be charged for the booked session (s).

6. Fees are payable for the entire term, we may from time to time have inset training days within the term however payment for the full term are still required. Our term dates are available on our web site and at the School

7. Bookings are charged for full terms, including inset days and bank holidays if they fall in term time.

8. If the School closes due to circumstances outside the School’s control (For example bad weather, health and safety issues, an Act of God etc), The School may not be able to operate and will contact The Client by e-mail in the first instance.  Under no circumstances will the School operate if by doing so, the health and safety of children within the care of The School is at risk. No refund of the fee will be due under these circumstances.

9. The School endeavours to maintain the highest standards of health and safety at all times but is not liable for any accidents which may occur.
10. The Client must collect the child by the end of the booked session but should The Client be unable to do so in unforeseen circumstances, The School must be notified of the revised collection time. There is then an additional late fee charge of £5.00 per 15 minutes per child. Staff must be kept advised as to The Client’s expected arrival time.  These terms have been devised in recognition of the fact that The School’s staff have other commitments after their working day.
11. It is The Client’s responsibility to ensure the child has all their belongings. The School cannot be responsible to loss or damage to items brought to the School from home. Lost property will be taken to charity shops one (1) week later.
12. It is The Client’s responsibility to collect any letters/communications from The School and to read any posters displayed about changes or information.

13. The School fees are reviewed yearly in September. The School undertakes to advise The Client of revised fees a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.
14. It is The School’s practice to use photographs of children attending The School for advertising, displays and website and other promotional purposes, and their name(s) may accompany any such images used.  The Client should indicate appropriately on the Registration Form if permission for their child to appear in such images is withheld. The images will remain after the child has left the school.

15. We will provide a breakfast, lunch and tea for your child during the nursery school day.

16. On registration with the School you are required to pay a registration fee of £50.00 which is non refundable.  You will also be required to pay a deposit of £100 which will be refunded when you give notice to leave the School.

17. Places in the School are limited, The Client is advised that a poor record of attendance without good cause, may lead to their place being given to someone else.

18. The Client is required to update changes to the contact details online immediately in order to protect the safety of the child. Failure to do this could result in The School not being able to contact The Client in an emergency, Social Services may be contacted in these circumstances.

19. The School will contact the Client by the e-mail address recorded on the Registration Form and it is therefore vital that this information is correct at all times and that email communications from The School is read without delay.

20. If The Client wishes to book an extra day or days for the child to attend The School as well as the days already booked this will only be available if there are spaces on the day requested. The Client may not exchange sessions and once booked, no refund will be given for non- attendance.  For any extra days booked, The Client must pay in advance via BACS. The School requires two (2) days notice to cancel the booked extra day.

21. If The Client’s child is unable to attend a session due to illness or other activities, The School should be notified by phone or email.

22. The School reserves the right to withdraw its services if The Client’s child is disruptive and/or aggressive in such a manner as to pose a safety risk to the other children at The School. A verbal warning will be given to the Client and if matters do not improve, The -School will demand the immediate removal of the child. The deposit will not be refunded.

23. Equally if a parent is aggressive or rude to our staff at The School or a child within our care, this behaviour will not be tolerated and The School reserves the right to withdraw its service. No refund of care or deposits will be received.  

24. The School operates on the following staff to child ratios:  1:4 for 2 year olds, 1:8 for 3-5 year olds, our level 6 staff operate at 1:15. Should the Client’s child require a 1:1 ratio, the child may attend the School in the normal way accompanied by his/her carer (which may be arranged through the resources of the Local Authority).

25. For business and financial sustainability, we set a quota at management discretion, on the number of 30 hours a week extended entitlement and 15 hours universal entitlement we allocate, so we reach capacity and also meet the needs of our children.  Places cannot be saved from term to term for children who are due to start due to financial sustainability.
26. The Client may have preferences for the sessions their child attends, however, at it is not always possible to allocate places on this basis.  If the days offered are not satisfactory, then The Client may request to be added to the waiting list.

Version November 2018